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Human Rights Violations in the Czech Republic

The violations are many times bigger than during the Communist era. In case of slavery 10,000x bigger. This pseudo-democratic fascist state, a colony of NATO powers, which has the highest percentage of slaves of all of Europe, had the nerve to criticize human rights violations in many countries, which violate them a lot less, while it condoned human rights violations of rightist fascist states, which are friends od NATO. Proofs of our claims will be supplied to foreign governments and media upon request. Our college-educated activists are ready to talk to foreign media.

Czech Republic is a country which violates human rights of its citizens tremendously, while it for decades hypocritically criticized Communist and other countries for doing so. The hypocrisy of the Czech regime, which wrongfully calls itself “democracy,” is unbelievable. Lately it stopped or slowed down with this practice, due to being afraid that some of these countries will initiate or support a resolution at the UN about human rights violations here. One of the main people responsible for these violations is the president Zeman, whose previous “leftist” government in coalition with far right politicians voted in laws, which for a non-existent small debt allows government authorized “eksekutors” braking into people homes, confiscating all their belongings and selling their home for a fraction of its value to e.g. to some crooked friend, who bribes them. As the government knows that we were for a couple years planning on contacting the foreign countries, is probably the reason Zeman, etc. are trying to build friendships with the states, which they for decades criticized. Don’t be fooled. Czech Republic is still a friend of some of the most repressive regimes. We are college educated, even in law, here and in the US, and are victims of this rather fascist than democratic regime and are willing to talk to your government and media, even in the UN, about how the Czech and Slovak nations were fooled after the fall of Communism.  The Czech text gives a glimpse into tremendous human rights violations that are going on here. Translation, details and proofs will be supplied to foreign governments, organizations, and media upon request. Following is a short list of some of the human rights violations, etc., which are happening in the Czech Republic:

  • Czech Republic, after the fall of Communism, became a corrupt colony of the West, with whose help it became more or less a police state, which is run by pro-Western-everywhere-present-mafia – as is documented e.g. here in the case of a teacher, whose father is a Syrian Arab.
  • The government gave away the Catholic Church many billions of dollars in property, while there are hungry homeless people living and dying in the streets.
  • Czechs have white car plates. Foreigners have to have yellow ones.
  • The jails here are full of people with darker skin. The amount is very disproportionate compared to the national makeup of general population and is among other things also related to the fact that dark-skinned people are discriminated when applying for jobs.
  • There are neo-Nazi groups and political parties whose members are militant.
  • There are tremendous human rights violations here. See the film Kajinek. Although it is in Czech, it is worth seeing anyway, even if you do not understand the language. It is about an innocent man, who has been put in prison for life for murders, which were carried by policemen. It is based on a true story.
  • The Czech post-communist, pro-Western government for decades criticized other nations for human rights violations, while it violated human rights of its own people on a very large scale, and it continues doing so.
  • Before the fall of communism, there have been statues of women representing beauty. Now there are new statues of men with long penises here, some even peeing.
  • There are numerous people here, who lost their house or an apartment due to a $1 debt, some of them did not even owe anything. You may lose a lawsuit, which is totally fraudulent, because you do not have to be served here. It is enough to hang the notice that you are getting sued on a court bulletin board. But the courts do not even do that or may do it in a way that you will not see it. You will lose a lawsuit and will not even know that it happened. Then they will be adding tremendous fees to the judgment repeatedly, so eventually, due a non-existent debt of $1, the state authorized "exekutor" will break into your home, when you are not there and will confiscate things, even if they belong to someone else, who is living with you. Then they may sell your home for a fraction of its value to someone who may have bribed them.
  • There is a well documented case about a woman, whose father is a Syrian doctor. The woman is being harassed, sued and repeatedly threatened with death by a racist Arab hater. He already even managed to steal all her money, an apartment, etc., with the help of judges and the police. He even used a phony contract, which had her fake signature. The police and the judges, who help him in destroying this woman, and everyone else who helps him, know that she has an Arabic background and that he is an Arab hater. They even know that he calls darker skin people monkeys and that he visited Hitler’s family in Argentina. Even the ministry of justice let all this go. This racist is represented by a lawyer-politician, whose wife is a politician too.
  • Little boys get raped here by Catholic priests.
  • Czech post-Communist private detective agencies will arrange, for money, unbelievable things. E.g. you are a wealthy businessman and want a divorce. You’re cheating on your wife who is faithful to you. For a fee your wife will be seduced by an attractive man and the sexual encounter will be documented, including on video, and will be used in court. It will be done so professionally that the wife will never realize that he, who seduced her, was a paid agent. If the client pays extra money, it is possible to arrange for a seducer who is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, even AIDS. The paid seducer can slowly get his victim addicted to drugs, another person can get the victim involved in criminal activities in such a way that he or she is not even aware that they are criminal. Or they’ll do it to your children – as a revenge, or so that you’ll have so many problems that you will not have the time for anything, not even to help yourself or your kids. 
  • Do not take our word for what we write. Treat it as our suspicion. We write it the way we see it. We could be wrong. Search the facts by yourself.




Political and Racial Persecution in Czech Republic


We need your help, because we are political and racial victims of the Czech Republic, a corrupted country, which steps on human rights of its citizens more than the Communists did, where Communist secret police and high ranking Communists changed their legions overnight from being puppets of the Soviet Union to become “democratic” faithful servants of the military industrial complex.


First let me give you a short brief on who we are and what happened to us. Joseph Toman is an American, who was born in Czechoslovakia and later on came to the US as a political refugee. In Czechoslovakia he was a major criticizer of the Communist regime. He continued going to college in the US and later, among other things, worked for a major chemical company and later on for Enron. He disclosed illegal practices at the major chemical company, which was one of California’s biggest polluters. Now the company no longer pollutes California. At Enron, before it was going to be bought up by another Texas company, and a celebration was to happen the next day, Toman stayed overnight in the office and kept on faxing documents to the German management of Enron and to the Texas Company. As a result the deal with the Texas company was called off. This started the end of Enron. In the Czech Republic, Toman was active against the planned American radar and the space shield, about which the Czechs were lied to by the German owned media, the rightist government, and even the American ambassador. Toman was also active in the fight against corruption, which was omnipresent under the rule of the Czech rightist government. Cadkova is a daughter of a Czech nurse and Syrian surgeon, who studied medicine in Czechoslovakia and later on received awards from the Czech Republic for his cultural work for the Czech nation. Cadkova has a dark-skinned racial origin. She is a school teacher and a wife of a post-Communist entrepreneur, who started to hate her national origin and decided to take all her money, property, and to basically destroy her.


What followed was a state-sponsored terror against Toman and Cadkova. She was hiding from her husband in a place where Toman, her friend, lived. Cadek broke into the place repeatedly. In this corrupted police state, the police did everything it could to protect Cadek in the case of braking and entering and at the same time it did everything it could to create false evidence against Toman and Cadkova.


Cadek was getting, for about 15 years, regularly every week, drunk with policemen from the police province headquarters. There is evidence that policemen from the same province shot some people to death on an order of a certain mafia figure. Nor the mafia man, nor the policemen are jailed. Instead they found an innocent man, Jiri Kajinek, and without any credible evidence that he did the killing, jailed him for life without possibility for parole, thus protecting the real killers. A film Kajinek was made about it. In the same province capital, Plzen, is a state law school, which was, for a number of years, issuing college degrees to policemen and politicians after couple weekend long seminars. In the same city, when there is an annual celebration of the end of WW2, it is decorated with Czech, American and German flags. Russians freed most of Czechoslovakia from the Germans, but their flags are not displayed. No one talks about the hundreds of thousands of Czechoslovak citizens, who were killed by the Germans, or of the hundreds of thousands of Russians, who died while freeing Czechoslovakia from the Nazis. 90% of Czech print media is owned by the Germans. Dominant national TV channel is owned by the Americans. Even the past American ambassador was one of its owners. That channel did whatever it could to destroy Czech national identity, to promote German and other foreign values, homosexuality, perverse sex, anal sex, and taught young people to use profanity. No one talks about the killed Czechs and Russians by the Germans. All we hear is a pro German propaganda how bad were the Czechs, which killed some hundreds of Germans after WW2.


Property of Nazi collaborators was confiscated after the war. The post-Communist regimes returned to a number of these people the rightfully confiscated properties. At the same time, ordinary people are in tens of thousands getting homeless with the use of so called executioners, who legally break into their homes and confiscate things for even the pettiest unpaid bill, even if the people are not aware that they owe anything. They do not need to be served by the courts. The courts decide against them without their knowledge and suddenly 1 Czech crown debt becomes 50.000 Crown debt and property valued up to several times as much is confiscated and sold, often to friends of the executioners, for fraction of its value. The executioners are people normally connected with the past Communist secret police. The Czech rightist government is even active in helping these ex-Communists in collecting these illegal debts overseas, including in the US.


Back to our situation. Cadek, friend of the police of this corrupted province, broke several times into our apartment. We were starting a large international business at that time as well as a political party that was going to protect the rights of the minorities. We were about a week away from getting the necessary signatures. We lost the business and a number of documents as a result of that breaking, plus we were prevented from starting the political party. Cadek also runs a number of lawsuits against us either directly, or via his family members. Couple of people befriended us and then tried to get us involved in illegal activities. The judges were all practicing major misconduct, condoned by the authorities, in order to protect Cadek’s interests. When we reported to the police illegal acts of Cadek, of judges and of the court management, including threats that we will be killed, the police refused to investigate it. Instead, its No. 1 man, the police president, initiated a large investigation of our alleged felonies against the state, the judges, court management, and Cadek. The felonies, which we were supposed to commit, were the fact that we reported what illegal these people did, which the police refused to investigate. Before that the two people, who befriended us, warned us that we will end up worse than the wrongfully jailed Kajinek. The judges communicated to us details of the police investigation, which they were not supposed to. For nearly a year we thought that we will be jailed for life. Then the investigation ended on the same facts on which it started, which from the beginning testified for the fact that we are the victims, not the guilty ones. But no one investigates the guilty ones. The police are protecting them.


The province police chief together with the county state prosecutor made sure that a brutal attack by two Cadek’s relatives on Toman, despite evidence, witness account, recording, etc., is not investigated as a crime against Toman, but as a crime by Toman against the attackers. The prosecutor used the word “cunt” about Cadkova. In a recording, which we have, the authorities claimed that they have not heard the word.


We decided to sue the state for damages and we wanted to divide 99% of the money we sued for among people, who are the biggest victims of the post-Communist regimes. We also complained to the Ministry of justice what is going on. Their “help” was such, that all the judges, without any psychiatric examination, psychological testing, etc., decided that we were stricken by a major mental illness so we need someone to take care of our rights at the courts, so they assigned us the type of lawyers that they do to mentally disabled. The lawyers they assigned us, work for the other side, protect their interests, not ours, lie in the court, attack our evidence, do nothing, do not show up, and do not inform us of coming up court dates (the courts do not inform us either). The judges lie, etc. One of Cadek’s relatives testified that he is aware of only one lawsuit about an apartment, although in actuality he leads 3 lawsuits against us about it. He acknowledged that Cadek took care of things for him at the lawyer’s office. None of these testimonies were allowed as evidence. What the judge allowed as evidence against us was a fake contract about the apartment, with fake signatures. Before that he had the window behind Toman opened. Then he claimed that Toman cannot look at the contract from a close distance, suggesting that he could steel it and jump out with it from the window. He ruled the fake document as being a true original. The court management lied, in writing. The court files were totally doctored out, with evidence for us being missing. In order so that we do not discover it, Toman was for years not allowed to look at a court file.


We are being constantly followed, in cars and on foot. There is a constant effort to keep us in bad economic shape and a parallel effort, by people, who the police constantly protect, to get us involved in criminal activities, including printing of fake money.


Now, would something like this be possible in a democratic country, or does it all rather reminds of a fascist police state? Decide for yourself. Take all what we say in this document as being our suspicion and please investigate facts.


These fascist methods used against us are done by the post communist state that was most voiced about human rights violations in other countries, despite the facts that human rights violations are so extensive in their own state. If you look at what we have experienced, it is clear that for Czech Republic to become true fascist state, all that is needed are death squads. Because so many people disappeared after the fall of Communism, the death squads may be in place, working secretly, silently and effectively.


Because the guilty ones are aware of Toman’s political activities of and of dark skinned national origin of Cadkova, these crimes against us by the state have political and racial bias.


Information about Cadek is from what Cadkova communicated during the time of her marriage. Critical view of the state is by Toman, a conspiracy theoretician. In his view all this is happening in order to make Czech Republic into a German colony, which Germany wanted before Hitler, during Hitler, and after Hitler. These imperialistic plans were kept, after WW2, secretly alive by Nazis in various German state, and state-supported, organizations.


The Czech government falsely claims that human rights are no longer being violated here and that it, without compromises, fights the neo-Nazi movement. The major ruling rightist party, ODS, connected with the most corruption, claims that it “fights corruption”, but in reality is indirectly persecuting and prosecuting us for reporting potentially extreme corruption that has leads to high ranks of ODS.


This document uncovers extreme political and racial prejudice, all condoned by the Czech government. They are hurting us, because of our fight to stop our human rights violations points to the guilty ones, who are all well connected to the ruling “corruption-fighting” rightist regime. We have been warned, by a high ranking, well connected rightist government official, to stop telling the truth, or we’ll disappear, or will be jailed until we die; he hinted that all that is needed are three false witnesses. These warnings, or rather threats, are slowly becoming reality.


The main document, which is in Czech language, is about our fight for justice, to stop gross violations of our human rights, and it uncovers connections of the guilty ones to the country’s rightist elite.


Other victims are the Gypsies and the Jews, which are attacked in neo-Nazi literature, written by a neo-Nazi author Tomanek, which was distributed, in Czech Republic and internationally, with the help of a rightist politician. Neither the police, nor the state attorney did ever find that a criminal act was committed, thus covering the spread of racial prejudice and hatred.


To show, how the government condones the neo-Nazi movement, here is what, Tomanek, whose name is connected with the now banned neo-Nazi Worker’s Party, wrote, and for a period of decades published, in the US and the Czech Republic. He wrote books, with neo-Nazi themes, in Czech language. He distributed them in Czech Republic, USA, Germany, and many other countries to libraries, and within Czech communities worldwide. In these books, where he is also attacking Toman and his mother, a political prisoner of the past Communist regime, he says things like:






















Neither the police, nor the state attorney ever found that Tomanek committed a crime by attacking and spreading lies and hatered about other races. On the contrary, because he, similarly as Hitler, also hated the Communists, the post-Communist government officials repeatedly praised his activities, and the army awarded him, for his activities, the rank of a coronel; before that he had one of the lowest ranks.


The film Kajinek shows the injustice that is happening to a man, who was wrongfully imprisoned for life, for murders, which he did not commit, murders, which were committed by Czech policemen. The government is aware of the facts and that the man was imprisoned without any credible evidence. The government has police wiretaps, which indicate that the man is innocent – that the murderers are policemen. The same rightist “elite” that is responsible for what has happened to this innocent man, is behind the injustice that is happening to us. They even warned us to stop telling the truth, or we’ll end up worse than this innocent man. We were warned of being killed, after being mutilated first. It was hinted to us that people disappear in the Czech Republic and that it is the government that is behind it. This is typical for dictatorships of the third world.


The state is well aware of Toman’s criticism of the political “nondemocratic” situation in the state and of Cadkova’s dark-skin-national-origin. Still it selected them for prosecution and persecution. This makes Toman a post Communist political dissident and Cadkova post-Communist victim of state condoned and practiced racial injustice. They both are victims of state run and condoned terror against them. In order to get Toman and Cadkova in jail for life easier, the already mentioned government official befriended them and then tried to get them involved in a number of criminal schemes, which he was proving to them to be legal, or not discoverable and therefore not prosecutable. He was also giving them legal advice, which to them, as laymen, seemed of great quality, but in actuality was meant for them to lose all the lawsuits against the side of the racist Cadek. Because they needed legal advice, they listened to the state official suggestions of criminal activity, but never acted on them. They made the man think that they are lazy, so he kept on making new suggestions and was more active in getting them involved. Following are some of the criminal activities he tried to get them involved in:

  • As a director of Technical Services of the City of Plzen, Toman would get bribes, part of which he was to deliver to someone from the major ruling party ODS. Cadkova was to apply for this job too, just so that it does not look suspicious that Toman is the only applicant. The job was guaranteed to him, because it would not be posted properly, so no one else would apply. It did not matter that Toman and Cadkova did not have experience in this field.
  • Toman and Cadkova were to start a welding certification organization, where they would certify and recertify welders without teaching them anything, or testing them. They would award certificates as technologist, engineer, etc., and would even certify welders working in the nuclear industry. The man, or rather state agent, although Toman and Cadkova at thet time did not realize the state role in this, provided false evidence to them that another organization, which certifies welders, does not have state approval, because it is not needed, and that it teaches these welders just to get money from them, that the teaching part is not necessary.
  • Toman would get a top job at certain corporation, from which he would tunnel out millions.
  • Toman and Cadkova would bid millions of Czech crowns on highly valuable land, which a neighboring city was planning to sell illegally at an extremely low price to one bidder, because no one else knew of the sale. He told Toman and Cadkova how much the one bidder is offering; he was a privy to this information. They were to bid a few dollars more. Then they were to sell the land for millions more to the original bidder, who would use the land for mining, although it was being sold as a worthless property.
  • Toman and Cadkova were to create false documents, with the help of a brother of the supervising judge of a county courtroom.
  • Toman at one time ran a business college in the Czech Republic. The college no longer exists. The state agent tried to persuade Toman to issue degrees, with dates, when the college existed. The degrees would be issued for money to crooked friends of a partner of this man.


The police refused to investigate any of this and among other things waited until evidence is no longer available from the cell phone operator. They waited for this loss of evidence also when it came to Cadek’s threats, including threat of a murder.


Toman, while he has never been a Communist, but rather the opposite, showed, how things and people lives deteriorated after the fall of Communism, showed where Czech Republic could have been by now, and how it can still get there. Because Toman told the truth of the government, of its antidemocratic activities, and activities which violate human rights, the government made him a target for elimination.


The Czech government is corrupt. It became known that foreign agents, while offering bribes, made promises to Czech politicians that if they approve extremely expensive arms purchases of fighter jets, which the Czech Republic did not at all need for its defense, they will get reelected. The ones, who voted for the purchases, did get reelected. The fighter jets have then been used in some Baltic state, to guard its airspace against Russia, or one can say to provoke Russia. They were never needed to protect the Czech air-space.


The already mentioned official from the State Department, mentioned to us that three false witnesses is all that is needed to get us in prison for life. A partner of the State-Department-man tried to convert Toman into a neo-Nazi. He was spreading the following ideas:












Cadek’s ties to the police are well known. If he works for the secret service is unknown, but likely, because, among other things, of the way the police is protecting him.


History Briefly

  • Toman is born and raised in Czecoslovakia. He criticizes the Communists at a time, when other students keep quiet. He kisses no one’s butt.
  • Toman leaves Czechoslovakia, while attending college, and comes to the US, as a political refugee.
  • He goes to college there and comes in contact with American socialists, shortly even with couple Trocky Communists, and later on extreme rightists, who are patriots and do not pay taxes as a protest against the government. He has an open mind and begins to understand that one does not learn the truth from the mainstream media – that one has to go to the outskirts of the political spectrum to learn from people, who are not afraid to tell what they think. One could classify Toman’s political views to be that of a conspiracy theorist, but he does not get politically involved. When he voted, it was for the right side of the political spectrum.
  • Toman has a number of jobs in the US, first in technical capacity, later on in managerial capacity and as a consultant.
  • Toman works for Westinghouse Hanford on a breeder reactor project. He sees a lot of incompetence, inefficiency. After helping fix some extremely serious faults, he quits. He does not want to work where there are not enough safety controls. His boss appreciates his work.
  • In other jobs he sees incompetence, safety issues, bribes; he learns how General Electric and Philips are responsible for wasting many billions of dollars by manipulating the lighting industry. Toman attacks it. They fight back. But Toman is right. Also, he never takes any offered bribes, which he is being offererd. He keeps his integrity.
  • He works for a division of a major multinational corporation. The management is close to being jailed for pollution violations. There are many more violations. Toman criticizes it and gets laid off as a result. He starts suing the company. It makes many fixes and undergoes major restructuring changes. It may lose hundreds of millions in the process, but it no longer pollutes air in California in any significant way. During the lawsuit the company management lies, even the judge lies, to protect the multinational. Toman and his wife, a doctor, are watched by some car, which suddenly, when they notice it, speeds off and quickly disappears.
  • Toman works at Enron. Enron is to be bought by another Texas company. Toman stops that deal by staying in the office overnight and faxing out certain documents. The other company cancels the deal and the Enron affair starts. The management gets jailed and Enron, one of the world’s biggest multinationals, no longer exists today.
  • Toman comes to Czech Republic, where he helps Katrin Cadkova fight off actions of a German multinational corporation, although small, and her husband, Roman Cadek, who is in charge of, and co-owns the Czech branch. Large multinationals are usually infiltrated with agents working for secret services like CIA or BND. The secret services use it as a cover for its foreign operations and they protect the corporation business, are able to give it certain advantages, etc. Safety and other issues are secondary. By disclosing the truth about Enron, etc., the US government and its secret services did nothing to Toman. There were no rewards, but also no persecution. In the Czech Republic, with its puppet regime kissing German and American (that of George Bush Jr.) butts, with its secret services working not for national interests, but for interests of the neo-colonial powers, after trying to protect Katrin Cadkova, Czech agents were used against Toman and Cadkova, although she did not criticize anything. She is an apolitical school teacher. Toman did the criticism.
  • Cadek for ages wished new Holocaust for the Gypsies and later on started to hate Cadkova’s dark-skin-national-origin just as much as he hates the gypsies. He and Cadkova had about 200 million Czech crowns, which is about 10 million dollars or 8 million euro. Cadek took all of Cadkova’s money, with the help of his lawyer – a rightist politician, and a judge that did one illegal thing after another.
  • Toman discloses estimantes he made about how many more Czechs would die and how much higher economic disaster would Czech Republic suffer, if the US builds its radar there, in case of an international conflict. The people who befriended him and Cadkova, but who are in actuality secret agents, attempt at first to recruit Toman to work for the secret services. They are not direct about it, just kind of explain the advantages. As Toman shows no interest, they try to get him and Cadkova involved in criminal activities. One of them gives them legal advice against Cadek and his family, with whom they have a number of lawsuits. The advice this agent gives is such so they lose three lawsuits. They catch it on time, although another lawyer, secretly too working for the other side, confirmed that the advice of the agent is correct. Still damage was done.
  • Cadek repeatedly broke into Cadkova’s apartment and besides money also steals documents. What is interesting is that one of the secret agents knew what was in one of the documents. The only way he could know was, if he had access to the documents that Cadek stole.
  • Cadek, in a drunk state, when he tells the truth, confides to Cadkova, that all judges used against her are bribed. They do illegal acts, to help Cadek’s side. Cadek threatens Cadkova and Toman with killing them, in writing. Prior to that the secret agent mentioned that Toman and Cadkova should give up their defense, that in Czech Republic people disappear, or that three false witnesses are enough to imprison someone and keep him in prison for life, etc.
  • The police refuse to investigate the breakings into the apartment properly, initially totally refuse to investigate the threats of killing, refuse to investigate illegal acts of the judges and the secret agents. The government actions and inactions cost Toman and Cadkova extreme business loses. They are ruined. After numerous complains the police investigations were restarted again, but Cadek and the guilty ones are again protected. Prior to that the government instead of deposing them on what the judges and Cadek did, started extensive criminal investigation, on order of the police president, of Toman and Cadkova, for reporting these things. The police so far created false evidence, tinted evidence, etc., to protect the guilty ones and to implicate Toman and Cadkova instead.
  • What is significant is that four people from a group, which has a history of having an adversary relationship towards Cadkova’s race, were used against Toman and Cadkova, two of them being government agents. The people from this group were apparently selected because some sick mind thought that they will have less concern for someone, who has the type of national origin, which Cadkova has. We don’t know how one of the people from this group was manipulated, but she, a notary public, made an untrue or rather purposely tainted statement against Toman and Cadkova. Fortunately, another notary public, which the police approached, did not play to the note of the police and said the truth, therefore ridiculing what the other notary suggested. The fact that people from this group are being used against a woman with her type of national origin makes this affair even more racially motivated, especially when one takes into consideration the fact that both Cadkova and Toman have a very positive attitude towards this group of people.
  • Another significant thing is that there are unsafe installations of power and other plants in California, including in major earthquake zones and the government, OSHA, CalOSHA, etc. are looking other way.
  • Another significant thing is that in the US, Toman was able to criticize things and when he did, he was never persecuted or prosecuted about it. Even e.g. when he, as an environmental activist, infiltrated a multinational with the main goal to correct environmental violations. No government agent was ever used to hurt him. The police is there to protect the population from criminals. Toman did not get any medals for his service to the people, lost his job in the process, but his reward was that he succeeded in protecting the environment. In Czech Republic, in the post-Communist era, with a puppet government that has managed to make Czech Republic a German colony, the situation is different, while this colonization process happened under the watchful eyes of “independent” German press. Here the police protect the criminals. Unethical lawyers do not get disbarred; judges who commit criminal acts are protected by the police, the state attorney, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior. Unsafe building installations which can be responsible for killing people, when get reported, the state covers up the guilty parties, including with the help of the Ministry of Health (Health Department).


Following are parts of a letter which Toman sent in 2009 to a number of human rights organizations. None of them responded.

  • While currently residing in the post-Communist Czech Republic, we have experienced extreme violations of human rights, carried or supported by the “democratic” state institutions. We have also witnessed extreme human rights violations of other people. We have experienced extreme racism, in our opinion even political oppression, which the “democratic” Czech government in our opinion ignores and allows to flourish. Many of these phenomena are on much higher level than they would ever have a chance to occur during the previous – Communist – form of government. THERE ARE COUNTLESS COURT CASES THAT WENT THROUGH THE CORRUPTED CZECH COURT SYSTEM, WHICH HAS VIOLATED HUMAN RIGHTS ON ALL LEVELS, EVEN THE HIGHEST ONE. THE CASES WERE, AS A RESULT, OVERTURNED BY THE EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN STRASBOURG. We have witnessed wrongful death of people, spread of Nazi-type literature on a large scale, while the police and other state institutions looked the other way. Our human rights were violated or ignored by the police, the court system, by various branches of the government, etc. The same “democratic” government, which ignores our human rights, is criticizing other countries on human rights violations. The same goes for media. The government repeatedly acts against its citizens’ interests and does not even allow its people to vote for president. The Czech legislature voted itself the highest level of immunity from practically all countries, higher than in third world states, which again is a human rights violation. The government refuses to introduce effective anticorruption measures. It keeps on clapping to its own “successes”, while it has brought poverty, drug addiction, unemployment, and despair to a significant portion of the population. There are laws, which in my opinion specifically violate human rights.
  • There is a famous quote that dates the pre-war Czechoslpvakia. It says: “How do you call country, which does not support research? Colony!” If we look at the post-Communist Czech Republic, we see a neocolonial status, where advanced R&D and manufacturing were destroyed by the post-communist regimes, under full support of the West, Germany particularly, and under full support of western rightist press in the Czech Republic, again German particularly. It certainly appears as a concerted effort to subdue the Czech people. It serves the interests of the multinationals. Czech Republic, as a result, after the fall of Communism, gained a status of a third world country – for a number of years.
  • Czech government and government institutions are responsible for gross violations of human rights. My estimation is that these violations are on a higher scale than it had been during the time of Communism, when Vaclav Havel and other human rights activists created the Charter 77.
  • Czech government and the whole government system here is corrupt much more than during the time of Communism. Anticorruption mechanisms are purposely being left out from legislature. Even Czech laws violate basic human rights and are used to steal from the poor what is rightfully theirs and give it to the rich, the oligarchs and similar class of people, most of whom, or their families have past connection(s) to the Communist party and/or secret police. The government and media propaganda in the Czech Republic is on the level of Joseph Göbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda. Before the corrupted Czech government starts again criticizing other nations, it should make first sure that its own human rights violations are not in the same class as those of the states it criticizes. This Göbels-type-propaganda by the government is so widespread, that it even extended to the official Chinese Olympic pages assigned to the Czech Republic, which, unlike pages of other nations, were full of anticommunist propaganda, while the games are taking place in a Communist country. Politics do not belong to sports, but Czech Republic was politicizing them similarly as Hitler did politicize the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Both the Czech and the Hitler’s anticommunist propaganda are of similar intensity and one clearly sees Jungian theory of shadow written all over it. Next time the official Czech propaganda starts connecting Communism with Nazism, maybe it should rather see if some of its own similarities to Nazism are not even bigger.

 The Czech text explains the situation in a lot bigger detail.






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